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International Security Solutions (ISS Worldwide Co. Ltd) is an Asian Based corporation specializing and focusing on corporate security and risk solution for companies and corporations in both the private and government sectors throughout  Asia. International Security Solutions specializes in ensuring that companies, corporate investors, and private individuals etc., meet the right people to suit their individual security risk requirements.

International Security Solutions integrity and discretion ensures our client receive the best possible advice and methods to complete the task at hand.

Information, understanding hidden risk and the awareness of the regions within the  area of investment is the first step to securing and protecting against loss or being prepared in advance for possible situations that may affect business or personal risk

  • Personal Private Security utilizing only specialists personnel that are experts in the region of interest
  • Corporate Security Advice protecting assets, Investments, and personnel.
  • VIP and Diplomatic Security
  • Corporate Introductions
  • Specialized Negotiations… Corporate and Private
  • Profiling Specialists



Threat and Risk Assessment


International Security Solutions consulting services is made up of most business sectors: financial, automotive, transportation, pharmaceutical, and others. As a result, we can provide expert advice on all aspects of global security for corporations, executives or key employees. We can address all types of employee and corporate security issues that might arise in countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. Currently, International Security Solutions is heavily involved in the Regions of Bangladesh, Thailand and South East Asia.



What is Threat and Risk Assessment


There are many methodologies that exist today on how to perform a risk and threat assessment. Some that are “open-source” and those that are proprietary; however, they all have the same goal to try to answer the following:

  • What needs to be protected? · 
  • Who/What are the threats and vulnerabilities? · 
  • What are the implications if they were damaged or lost? · 
  • What is the value to the organization? · 
  • What can be done to minimize exposure to the loss or damage? 

The objective of a threat and risk assessment is to provide recommendations that maximize the protection of confidentiality, integrity, and availability while still providing functionality and usability. At International Security Solutions we take this one step further by ensuring companies and directors are dealing with the right people in the region.  In order to determine the answers to these questions, a company or organization can perform a threat and risk assessment. This can be accomplished using either internal external and sometimes unconventional resources. It is important that the risk assessment is a collaborative process. Without the involvement of the various organizational levels, the assessment can lead to a costly and ineffective security measure or attract unwanted media. The choice between using internal or external resources normally depends on the situation at the time. 

The urgency of the assessment will also help in determining whether to outsource or use internal resources. International Security Solutions believes that external resource should not have a vested interest in the organization and should be free from personal and external constraints which may impair his or her independence.



The core areas in a risk assessment are:

  1. Scope · 
  2. Data Collection · 
  3. Analysis of Policies and Procedures · 
  4. Threat Analysis · 
  5. Vulnerability Analysis ·
  6. Understanding of local politics both in front and behind the scenes. 

The correlation and assessment of Risk Acceptability Scope. Identifying the scope is probably the most important step in the process, In regions with high vulnerability to Terror liaising with key officials ( The right People) and a grass roots understanding of the threats is the key to minimizing loss. The scope provides the analyst with what is covered and what is not covered in the assessment. It identifies what needs to be protected, the sensitivity of what is being protected and the steps required to do what is necessary to protect the asset. 



The Collection of Data

In Relation to the collection of Data,  most policies, and procedures that are currently in place and identifying those that are missing or undocumented. Interviews with key personnel can be conducted using questionnaires or surveys to assist in identifying assets and missing or out-of-date documentation. 

Four main reliable databases that  are searchable databases of vulnerabilities and relevant newsgroups are:

  • ( Information on current threat activities.
  • Packet Storm (
  • InfoSysSec (
  • SANS (

At International Security Solutions we believe the data and grassroots information is the first line of defense in a cost-effective analysis and threat & risk evaluation.